Zee team is a core of three main guys: a biologist, a "bee scientist" and an entrepreneur. But that's not all of it. Zee is also constituted by every friend, family, friends of friends and even anonymous people that still support Zee leading this project more consistent, plenty of ideas and creativity.

3 Sobre

1 Rui


Biologist and passionate supporter of bees sustainability. Early on, Rui had a strong belief that not even a little ant could be smashed down for the sake of environment and biodiversity. This motivation to environment preservation led him to be a biology and environment studies graduate. Motivated towards field work and to improve the local food production system, Rui took his first steps on beekeeping. He helped a beekeeper to recover an old bee yard exploration from the ground and became fascinated about bee world. You could say he's a stubborn beautiful heart.
2 Raquel


Brings the universities close to the Zee project and the ultimate bee state-of-the-art findings. She always wondered how do things work in nature and perhaps that's why she's a biology graduate. Her passion for photography always pushed her into the wild to insight the world that surrounds us. She is driven to discover bees as crucial to plant biodiversity, pollination and an exquisite model to study animal behaviour. You could say that she's a forager collecting information and wonder from every part of nature.

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