Honey bees&Flowers

The honey bee performs a crucial role in the reproductive cycle of flowers. The floral nectar (energy source) and bee pollen (protein source) are the only food sources that honey bess are able to digest. Then for their survival, honey bees are totally dependent on the flowers they visit. During evolution, bees and flowers developed and enhanced a shared survival mechanism side by side. Plants figured out different ways to ensure reproduction. As sessile organisms, they rely upon other animals or factors to spread pollen. Pollen is basically a powder produced by the male parts (anthers) of the flower plants, that encloses the male gamete that will fecundate the ovule on the female part (stigma) and give rise to seeds. Pollination, the pollen transfer from the anthers to the stigma, is the reproductive strategy of flower plants. Honey bees and other insects, birds and a few mammals, make this type of pollination one of the most efficient and specific strategies used by almost 80% of flower plants.

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